BIM - Building Information Modeling

Informaciono modelovanje zgrada

Providing Scan to BIM services across London and the UK

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    Professionals can collaborate efficiently and promptly

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    Coordinate on the planning, design and construction of a building

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    Receive a virtual reality experience

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    Access data for the operation and management of the building

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    Obtain an accurate depiction of the existing building



3D BIM Modelling ready to use and collaborate

Our measured building surveyors provide a “scan to BIM” service to capture an existing space or building and produce a three-dimensional digital model for planning, designing, monitoring and project management. Our BIM survey captures the complete point cloud and imports data into BIM software such as Autodesk REVIT. The result is a detailed BIM 3D model ready to provide a virtual reality experience and allow professionals to collaborate and optimise their building projects.


Why use a Scan to BIM service?

  • Design. Data from the BIM survey allows capturing measurements and understanding the site conditions and structure to complete the design phase efficiently and accurately.

  • Construction. BIM 3D models allow construction professionals to evaluate ongoing work and determine discrepancies from the original design. A Scan to BIM service enables the possibility to explore a virtual environment and identify any inaccuracies before the building phase. Ensure quality control and safety management is in place when analysing the BIM 3D model.

  • Facility management. A BIM Survey will provide documentation on a building’s design and its complete functionality. They will help improve the building performance through a 3D Visualisation of the structural analysis. Improve the FM functionalities by operating and managing with an accessible digital model.

Possibilities & Formats

Our Scan to BIM Surveys are conducted with laser scanning equipment, topographical equipment and drone equipment. We use the latest surveying technology in order to deliver high-demand detailed BIM 3D models to designers, developers, asset managers, engineers, architects and construction professionals.

Review your existing structure within a single significant BIM model, to view all as built data efficiently. The detail of BIM models goes beyond 3D, you may also take advantage of 5D capabilities which cover the modelling, scheduling and sustainability of the building management.


Highly Accurate Deliverables
Receive highly detailed and reliable BIM 3D models through importing reliable 3D point cloud data in BIM software.
Swift & Efficient Turnaround
We efficiently produce your desired deliverables in a swift manner through systematised processes and vast knowledge of the laser scanning industry.
Professional Team
Our professional team is always attentive to delivering the best for your project. Our flexible approach allows you to receive an optimised measured to survey service for your BIM model needs without disruptions.
Advanced Technology
We use leading 3D scanning technology to capture precise data up to 1 million points per second. Benefit from high-quality equipment to receive the level of detail needed for your as-built BIM 3D requirements.

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